Sansuri Full body Massage £40.00

Relax and let the mind run away.  Whilst the thearpist works those tired muscles using a mixture of aromatherapy oils and warm oils you can enjoy the soothing surrounding with low lighting and calming music


Spa back,shoulder and neck massage £38.00

The Therapist will use relaxing warm oils working on tight and fatigued muscle, leaving you feeeling relazed and revitalised


Indian Head Massage

30 minutes £25.00


With the use of Austrailian Sea Salt mixed with Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond and Soya Bean oil to form a deep, exfoliating body scrub to remove dry dead ski. Thus leaving your skin enriched,stimulated anf glowing

Mancine Full bosdy Scrub £40.00

Back only Salt Scrub with Steam £36.00






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